Public Speaking

One of Dr. Bowden’s favorite activities is tailored public speaking events for student groups, cooperation’s, or conventions.


“ Dr. Bowden spoke to our WVLDI chapter as part of a mental health campaign at our school. A very engaging speaker, everyone had incredibly positive feedback! While her talk was well suited to women in leadership and mental health, I think it’s something vet students everywhere should listen to.” 

– Rebecca Palmer, University of Glasgow BVMS Candidate and WVLDI President 

In January of 2020 Dr. Bowden had the opportunity to speak at Ted-X. Her talk has since been viewed by half a million people.

Presented at Coeur D’Alene Ted-X conference in January 2020

I’m a pre-vet student right now and this video was so insightful and struck me. I know it’s not going to be easy. I know that I’m at high risk for suicide because of the profession I’ve chosen. But I also know that I love animals and want to help them.

JEssica Meadows

wow definitely changed my view of the veterinarian profession as a pet owner. thank you to all of my vets.

– WEndy H.


” Dr. Bowden gave an amazing tailored talk to the MSU’s Veterinary Wellness Initiative. Our members really enjoyed her incredible words of wisdom. Dr. Bowden has made such a difference in her first five years as a veterinarian.  Our industry is lucky to have her.”

-Hillary Thompson, MSU Veterinary Wellness Initiative

Book Dr. Bowden today to speak at your next club meeting, conference, or hospital lunch and learn.

Please fill out the form below to get in contact with us. Let me know what you are interested in, and we can then discuss pricing, as packages will vary. It is helpful if you can include what subject matter you’d like, target audience, in person or virtual event, length of event, and timeline for scheduling.

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