What the F**K: Is This Vet Med?

Lessons For a New Generation of Veterinary Professional

As Dr. Bowden states “Life is full of choices”, and YOU should CHOOSE to read this book.  All veterinary professionals will find validation for their struggles, encouragement for self reflection, and ways to combat the burnout and depression that plague our industry.  Dr. Bowden offers us a life raft to not only survive, but also thrive both personally and professionally.  Read it.  Live it.  Share it.  It is powerful.

Dr. Tannetje’ Crocker, DVM

This is a book for anyone who has ever felt stuck in their routine or job. Anyone who struggles with wondering, “Am I doing this right?” or “Am I good enough?” Anyone who ever felt like an imposter, like maybe they just aren’t cut out for this, or is overwhelmed by their job requirements.

Are you worried about your stamina for a full career? I certainly was. This mentorship novel is part story telling, part exercises that develop your career and part testimonials from other veterinarians in the industry. Its the story of how I burnt out, and then worked through it to build resiliency and a more sustainable life full of happiness.

Do you want to obtain a kick-ass veterinary life? One where you are content and less stressed at work, and have free time for family, friends and hobbies? What are you waiting for! Get your copy now.

Other Writing and Contributions

Dr. Bowden has written for numerous blogs, VIN news, & social media outlets. If you are interested in her contributing to your publication or interviewing her for a piece or podcast feel free to reach out.

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