Hey Team! I am Doctor Melanie Bowden, the veterinarian behind TrueNorth.DVM!

There hasn’t been a day since I entered veterinary medicine in 2011 as an assistant, that I haven’t appreciated how amazing and unique our profession is. It is full of bright, compassionate and giving people who really step up to support each other. Mentorship in this field is critical to success. I have been incredibly blessed to develop a large network of veterinarians who support, encourage and coach me in my professional life. I have learned a ton from them! They have helped me develop my voice and practice as a veterinarian. They showed me how to own who I am; how to be confident in both the medicine I practice & how I conduct myself. There are unlimited opportunities in veterinary medicine. JOIN ME! Get ready to stand in who you are, OWN IT! Let go of the life you think your “supposed” to have and start living the one you really want!

My Goal with truenorth.dvm is to be able to give back to a community that has given me so much. I hope this organization overtime grows to provide mentorship, connection, online tools and resources for veterinarians in any part of their career development path. I want it to be a safe space to discuss as a community our challenges and share solutions. Through group think, I believe we can all be better thought leaders and help this profession continue to be the vibrant, strong & caring community it has always been.

The Pillars to Content

The content we focus on always connects in some way to these four concepts and ideas, as applied in the veterinary setting.

Be Curious

Developing a growth mindset that encourages lifelong learning; critical thinking; questions the norm; develops self awareness. Move from, “I cant.” to “How could I?” Move from, “its impossible” to “How would this be possible?”

Make Connections

Being vulnerable enough to ask and accept help from others; connected with people in a way that both are seen, heard and valued without judgment. Learning to develop appropriate boundaries while being accountable, accepting and compassionate.

Develop Resilience

Building reserves of strength that allow you to dig deep when exhausted and overwhelmed; and the ability to bounce back quickly from stress. Learning your triggers for stress and anxiety, and how to counter act & prevent them.

Be Brave

Having courage to own who you are and love your self now. You are enough. Be brave enough to put it out there. Don’t just “fit in” live the life you want, not the one you think you are “supposed” to have.

These four pillars have been essential to finding happiness in my own life, and are pillars to my coaching and mentoring of others.

Dr. Melanie Bowden

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